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This Bastille Day, We're Celebrating Our Favorite French Imports (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 07/14/11 04:11 PM ET   Updated: 09/13/11 06:12 AM ET

From freedom fries to the Statue de la Liberte, the French are more than generous with their American friends. But our most prized French possessions are not a salty snack or a symbol of friendship, they're the outstandingly beautiful francophone actors and actresses we get to watch on the silver screen.

From Natalie Portman's baby daddy to one of the most stunning faces the red carpet has seen in Marion Cotillard, because it's Bastille Day, we're counting down our favorite French imports.

Audrey Tautou
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Audrey Tautou first caught the eyes of American film goers with the success of her 2001 film, "Amelie" before hitting theaters across the pond once again in "The Da Vinci Code" alongside Tom Hanks in 2006.
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