Macrolane, Breast Augmentation Product, Is Nestlé's Latest Investment

07/14/2011 05:44 pm ET | Updated Sep 13, 2011

All she wanted was to have her "old" boobs back -- the way they were before the birth of her two children. But in opting for breast augmentation Lea Baumann (not her real name) wasn't aiming for a D cup: just an attractive, natural-looking bosom. That's why she opted for Macrolane.

A mistake, as it turned out. The gel didn't do for the 41-year-old Swiss woman what the ads promised: give her "a natural looking result without the risks of an operation." In fact, it left the shape of her breasts looking decidedly odd. Disappointed, Baumann turned to Acredis, an independent plastic surgery consulting firm in Zurich. Managing director Stephan Hägeli says he gets contacted by one to three frustrated Macrolane customers per month.

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