07/14/2011 05:42 pm ET | Updated Sep 13, 2011

South California Secession: Jeff Stone Riverside Plan Continues Tradition Of State-Splitting Proposals (PHOTOS)

Republican Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone has been pushing a plan which would divide California in two, allowing the state's 13 most conservative southern counties to declare independence and form a separate state of "South California."

Stone claims the move is the only way to free the region from the "completely dysfunctional” and “totally unresponsive,” halls of power in Sacramento, which he says are placing an undue financial burden on the area.

It's unlikely that the 51st state of "South California" will be created anytime soon, but on Tuesday, county supervisors voted to host a statewide summit to allow city and county officials discuss state budget issues and policies that hurt local services and jobs. According to the Associated Press, the summit may include discussions of Stone's secession plan.

Stone's plan may sound peculiar, but states have grappled with secession as a solution for their grievances since the nation's birth -- though action is rarely taken except in the most extreme circumstances (remember the Civil War?). Here are some of the of the more notable secession proposals put forward in recent years.

Secession Attempts