07/15/2011 05:18 pm ET | Updated Sep 14, 2011

Cassowary, Large Flightless Bird, Escapes Denver Zoo

The Denver Post reported Friday afternoon that a cassowary -- a potentially dangerous, large, flightless bird native to Australia -- escaped its enclosure at the Denver Zoo.

KDVR reports that the bird (they've termed it 'the most dangerous bird in the world') has been located. There have been no reported injuries.

A zoo spokesperson told 9News they had created "a safe barrier distance" between the bird and zoo visitors.

Adult cassowaries grow between 5 and 6 feet tall, weigh around 100 pounds, and are marked by sharp claws and a hard helmet-like crest on their heads. The flightless bird can run in excess of 30 mph.

WATCH (from youtube):