Chocolate or Vanilla 'Outliers'

07/15/2011 05:28 pm ET | Updated Sep 14, 2011

Gallup finds that the majority of Republicans can't say who they would vote for in an open-ended primary question.

Frank Newport discusses the public opinion implications of the debt ceiling debate for Obama.

Danielle Gewurz discusses where the public stands on the debt ceiling.

Jon Cohen finds growing partisan polarization on debt debate.

Bob Blendon and John Benson summarize public opinion on Medicare and the Deficit.

John McLaughlin and Ed Goeas discuss their recent Resurgent Republic focus groups of independent voters.

Steve Singiser wonders if Obama will benefit from the quality of his opposition.

Chris Good reviews evidence that Americans want higher taxes - as long as they don't need to pay them themselves.

Gallup debuts an Election Matters podcast hosted by Gallup's Frank Newport and USA Today's Susan Page.

Someone is robo-polling Iowa about Rick Perry.

Derek Thompson suggests 100 billion reasons not to trust opinion polls.

Obama campaign seeks predictive modeling and data mining scientists and analysts (via Smith).

xkcd reports that statistical correlation shows cancer causes cell phones.

Kevin Drum finds all of modern politics in one YouGov chart (via Nyhan).

Rasmussen Poll has a keen grasp of the obvious.

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