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Six Green Projects That Put Poop to Good Use (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 07/16/11 11:34 AM ET   Updated: 09/14/11 06:12 AM ET

From Inhabitat:

If there ever was a renewable resource that we have more of than we even know what to do with, it's poop. It's cheap, plentiful and chances are high that we'll never run out of it. But why should you give a sh*t? Well, scientists and engineers are harnessing the power of poo to generate energy, create building materials and even, gulp, make food. Read on for six ingenious and green purposes for poo.

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Poop happens. The birds do it, the cows do it - we all do it. But nowadays, instead of seeing it as waste, researchers have been harnessing the power of poop and converting the precious substance into energy, building materials and even back into food (talk about circle of life)! Read on to check out some of the most innovative ways that people are processing poo into pure power.
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