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Morning Rush: Best Morning Show Clips For July 15, 2011

First Posted: 07/15/11 03:11 PM ET Updated: 09/14/11 06:12 AM ET

Missed today's morning shows? We've got the highlights here:

Early Show - Baby Elephant Correctly Predicts Winners In Women's World Cup
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Last year, it was said that an octopus in Germany had correctly predicted the winner of each World Cup match. This year, it's a slightly larger member of the animal kingdom. 'Early Show' anchors Erica Hill and Chris Wragge take a look at Germany's so-called psychic pachyderm. "Nellie the elephant, she's 18 months old," Hill reports as footage shows the elephant kicking a soccer ball. "Nellie's great about kicking the soccer ball into the goal. Now, whatever goal she kicks the soccer ball into, that team loses, and she has been right on the money with every pick so far," Wragge explains.

Once Nellie's trainers noticed that she enjoyed kicking the ball, they set up two flags representing the two teams in each match. "The one that she hits is the one that's going down," Hill explains. Nellie reportedly picked Japan to defeat Team USA on Sunday.
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