07/15/2011 02:31 pm ET Updated Sep 14, 2011

Romance Novels Not To Blame For Bad Relationships (VIDEO)

Reading romance novels has always been a guilty pleasure of sorts, but recently psychologists have warned that indulging in them may be damaging to real-life romantic relationships. Relationship expert Susan Quilliam was quoted by The Daily Mail as saying, “A huge number of the issues we see in clinics and therapy rooms are influenced by romantic fiction.”

When asked for their opinion on the matter, however, two American romance novelists disagreed completely with the accusations that their genre gives women unrealistic expectations about love.

Meg Cabot, author of "The Princess Diaries" series, commented on how she “so strongly disagrees” with these claims, stating that, "Romance novels were the way that I was able to escape from [a difficult childhood] and really cope.” Another romance novelist responded with, “I read Cinderella too, but I wasn’t expecting a prince and a pumpkin...We know the difference between reality and fiction....People are just not that dumb.”

To hear more on the subject, check out the video below!