07/15/2011 12:31 pm ET | Updated Sep 14, 2011

Shark Expert Paul Burt Accidentally Reels In Duck On Australian Today Show (VIDEO)

"Peking duck, anyone?"

That's the best line Australian "Today" show host Karl Stefanovic could muster up on Thursday when Nine Network's shark expert Paul Burt accidentally reeled in a live duck with his fishing rod during a segment at a popular swimming lake on the Gold Coast.

Burt was on the scene at Evandale Lake covering a rumored shark lurking in the waters and "Today" show producers decided to give him one shot at catching the predator himself. Unfortunately for Burt, his admittedly impressive fishing line cast resulted in one unlucky duck being reeled into viral video history.

"I've got a bird!" Burt exclaimed, adding, "I'd go to another shot."

Stefanovic, who you might remember from the infamous "Dalai Lama pizza shop joke," summed things up from the studio: "Well that didn't end well, did it?"

Co-anchor Lisa Wilkinson added, "Awkward."

Between catching a bird and the Burt's curios quip against his own manhood -- he began the bit by telling Stefanovic and the rest of the "Today" show audience that he's "great production but just not good at the end" -- this video is indeed as painfully "awkward" as it is hilarious.

The network was quick to point out that the duck was unharmed and released back into the wild.