Nelson Mandela Honored On His Birthday By Good Deeds

07/18/2011 01:30 pm ET | Updated Sep 17, 2011

At 93-years-old, former South African President Nelson Mandela continues to inspire the entire world.

People all over are celebrating Mandela's 93rd birthday by donating 67 minutes of their time to help others -- symbolic of the 67 years he spent fighting injustice.

A group of multiracial, multilingual bikers have traveled South Africa's highways over the past week, doing good deeds at seven rural community projects in small towns throughout the country, CNN reports.

In the small town of Harrismith, for instance, the bikers stopped off to paint a small orphanage.

"For Madiba (Mandela), it demonstrates to him that people are passionate about his legacy," says Zelda la Grange, Mandela's personal assistant, who rode with the bikers.

BBC reports more examples. Mihlali Sizani of East London, South Africa, says:

"I have been out today cleaning the streets of East London for my 67 minutes of voluntary work."

Dalene Ingham-Brown of Cape Town says:

"I spent my 67 minutes volunteering at the Blomvlei Primary School in Hanover Park. Hanover Park is a community which is overrun with gangsters, drugs and crime."

Mandela's website suggests 67 ways people can "change the world." :

1. Make a new friend. Get to know someone from a different cultural background.

2. Read to someone who can't at a local home for the blind.

3. Fix the potholes in your street or neighborhood.

4. Help out at the local animal shelter. Dogs without homes still need a walk and a bit of love.

5. Find out from your local library if it has a story hour and offer to read during it.

6. Offer to take an elderly neighbor who can't drive to do their shopping/chores.

7. Organize a litter cleanup day in your area.

8. Get a group of people to each knit a square and make a blanket for someone in need.

9. Volunteer at your police station or local faith-based organization.

10. Donate your skills!

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UPDATE: This post originally said Mandela spent 67 years in prison, when in reality, that's how long he spent fighting injustice. The post has been updated to reflect that change.