07/18/2011 12:36 pm ET | Updated Sep 17, 2011

Boys Like Wearing Pink, Will Pass On The Tutus (VIDEO)

This just in from "Good Morning America" -- "pink is making a stink." More and more young boys are choosing to wear the rosy hue, from contestants on "Toddlers and Tiaras" to Jenna Lyons' son, who sported hot-pink toenails on J. Crew's website (an incident Jon Stewart dubbed "Toemaggedon 2011").

But is there a real gender color war going on? Cue the wisdom of five little guys, assembled by "GMA."

"I'm okay with [pink]," said one of the kids. "I don't really believe in the 'girl colors/boy colors' kind of thing. I'm with every color."

"I like pink. I also think the 'girl color/boy colors' is not fair," another panel member opined.

One of the young'uns remarked, "Just, in my opinion, I don't like pink. I'm just not a 'pink' guy."

But not so fast: these open-minded guys did say they'd draw the line at a princess t-shirt and a tutu.

The verdict: boys are down with wearing pink, but most will pass on the cross-dressing. And the little man wearing a Mickey Mouse tee sitting in the middle is having some very adorable problems with his long bangs at 5:45.


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