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LA's Top Ramen: 6 Bowls Of Soup You Must Eat

    First Posted: 07/18/11 02:46 PM ET   Updated: 09/17/11 06:12 AM ET

You may not find a stash of three-for-a-dollar instant ramen packages in USC dorms these days. But you will find a pack of business majors huddled outside of a ramen shop in Little Tokyo, willing for a table to free up. In Los Angeles, we eat ramen right (budget notwithstanding). And while the city might offer dozens of slurping options, below is a concise list of bowls commonly bowled over (by our beloved ramen-wolfing food bloggers, of course). With chopsticks poised, this is how we do it in LA.

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In Gardena, the new It ramen shop is Mottainai, offering broth tasting flights and hip ramen-bowl monikers like Tokyo Props and Yokohama Freaker. The former and the latter are soy and pork-based, respectively, but it's the miso-forward Sapporo Lover that gets wooed most. The miso is toasted in the flaming house wok, and the dense broth is a precise ratio of chicken and pork suitable for a Sapporo native. Mottainai also offers additional flavor "bombs" -- choose red or white. Blogger RamenRamenRamen went for a white ping-pong ball-sized scoop of pig's back fat and crushed garlic, and declared it "richier, porkier" but admitted to preferring the supreme charred miso "pre-bombing." Nonetheless, the formidable blogger slurped every last drop (there's a picture to prove it).
Mottainai Ramen, 1630 West Redondo Beach Boulevard, Suite 9, at South Western Avenue (310-538-3250 or

Photo: Flickr/ Marshall Astor
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