Oliver Stone And Ryan Hansen In Funny Or Die's 'Oh Shit' (VIDEO)

07/18/2011 09:53 am ET | Updated Sep 17, 2011

Oliver Stone made his Funny or Die debut in "Oh Shit with Oliver Stone & Ryan Hansen," and it may just be the most entertaining thing Stone has done in years.

Although the title sounds like a rejected "SNL" game show parody, "Oh Shit" is simply a short film with one joke. We don't want to spoil anything, but imagine the worst cast scenario of being trapped in a bathroom stall next to Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone.

"Party Down" alum Ryan Hansen plays the unwitting victim of bathroom entrapment, and with a "Party Down" movie rumored to be in the works, we hope that Hansen was able to convince Stone, whose credits include "Scarface" and "Platoon," to get involved with the movie.


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