07/18/2011 05:38 pm ET | Updated Sep 17, 2011

Ros Wynne Jones On South Sudan's Future (VIDEO)

After 40 years of civil war, South Sudan has finally won its long sought after independence. However, South Sudan still has far more to worry about than celebrate. Ros Wynne Jones, author of the new book, “Something is Going to Fall Like Rain," about the years preceding this new-found independence, sat with BBC’s Nick Higham to discuss the future of South Sudan and the struggles they will inevitably face. When asked how optimistic she is about the country’s future, Jones replied, “They've had 40 years of civil war, as you've been saying, and...whatever comes next can't really be worse. On the other's probably one of the worst places to be born today, so they're going to need a hell of a lot of help.”

Jones goes onto say that the underdeveloped country could still “see the return of terrible bloodshed” in their future if relations with the North fail to improve. Still, she says, there’s hope. “The challenges are enormous but I think we have to say that the people of South Sudan are incredibly resilient.”

To hear more on the topic of South Sudan’s future and Ros Wynne Jones’ new book, check out the video below!