07/19/2011 07:31 am ET | Updated Sep 17, 2011

Bjork Releases 'Cosmogony,' Second Track Off Biophilia

The Bjork gods have thrown us another bone with "Cosmogony," the second track to be released off her upcoming album, Biophilia (which is set to release Sept. 26). The last we heard from Bjork was when she dropped "Crystalline" late last month.

The Icelandic artist is slowly building interest in her album by letting out a trickle of details. She's forming a whole multimedia campaign to accompany the album's release, including 10 iPhone apps that turn the tracks into interactive experiences, one of which will be released Tuesday to accompany "Cosmogony." According to iTunes:

Each in-app experience is inspired by and explores the relationships between musical structures and natural phenomena, from the atomic to the cosmic. You can use Biophilia to make and learn about music, to find out about natural phenomena, or to just enjoy Björk’s music.

Not only that, but she's also planning a three-year educational tour, made up of live performances and children's classes on nature and music.

All this may sounds excessive, but we're kind of enjoying the build-up. Especially with the way this track revs up. "Crystalline" may have had the amazing outro, but "Cosmogony" wins on the intro front.


Cosmogony is available for purchase on iTunes beginning July 19.