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Shaun White: 'I Want A Marine Corps Ball Invite Too'

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Calling all Marines, snowboarder Shaun White is available for balls too. The Olympian has a small role in the upcoming flick “Friends With Benefits” with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, but unlike his co-stars he has yet to receive a YouTube invite to one of the many Marine Corps galas held in November. Kunis will be attending a ball with Sgt. Scott Moore and Timberlake will escort Corporal Kelsey De Santis (even Betty White got an invite!).

“I would be honored to go if I were asked. I would have to get my dancing shoes on,” White told HuffPost Celebrity on Monday.

We chatted with White as he was promoting his latest project, a Shaun White gum for Stride. Yes, gum. While most celebrities license their name and likeness to a fragrance, energy drink or diet pill, White chose gum.

“I was offered a fragrance that I turned down," White explained. "It didn’t line up with what I was all about. I was a fan of Stride gum and they had these fun ads that caught my attention. I went in and we really collaborated on something cool. I am happy about how it all turned out.”

But why not a fragrance? Everyone and their less famous step-sister has their signature scent.

“What would I call it? ‘Sweat, By Shaun White,'” he joked. He does have a point.

In “Friends With benefits” White earned a cameo in which he rages out at Timberlake. And prior to getting in front of the camera, the singer-turned-actor gave the snowboarder some advice.

“He told me just to keep going even if you mess up because they’re going to cut it and they can always use parts of it," White said. "He also told me to always look to the left of the camera. I wanted to look at it head-on."

This may be the snow king's first legit acting gig, however small it is, but don't think you won't see him lighting up the box office in the future -- the acting bug seems to have bitten the athlete.

“If the right role comes along I will definitely do something else,” White said. “I would like to try to play someone else.”

Athlete-turned-actor? Now that's a new one.