Culver City Public Art: Judy Starkman's 'The Secret Life Of Swimmers'

07/20/2011 03:29 pm ET | Updated Sep 19, 2011

Culver City is cooling off this summer with a new public art installation entitled "The Secret Life of Swimmers."

The project consists of large-scale banners with photographs of swimmers in and out of the pool. It was conceived by director and photographer Judy Starkman, and photographed at Culver City's Culver City Plunge. From the project website:

These images tell a story Judy knows well--that every die-hard swimmer has a life outside the pool. And that swimming is the great equalizer. Each character in "The Secret Life" is seen in the regalia of his or her everyday life and, in an identical pose poolside, baring all. Or nearly all.

Watch the project's promo video above, and check out some of the images, which are provided courtesy of Judy Starkman at the project's blog. The banners are located along Culver Boulevard in Culver City.