07/20/2011 03:09 pm ET | Updated Sep 19, 2011

Jon Stewart's Doppelganger Spotted In Ilya Repin Painting (PICTURE)

Artist Dan Meth was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this past weekend when a painting stopped him dead in his tracks -- and it wasn't one of the museum's most famous works.

Why did the painting, a portrait by late 19th century Russian realist Ilya Repin, stand out to Meth? The subject's uncanny resemblance to "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart.

"I immediately heard “The Daily Show” theme-song," Meth wrote on his blog.

And the internet seems to agree, because after Meth posted the image it has started going viral on sites like Tumblr and Reddit.

We totally see the resemblance. What do you think?

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