Marijuana Plants Destroyed: $30 Million In Pot Plants Seized In Santa Clara (VIDEO)

07/21/2011 01:20 pm 13:20:27 | Updated Sep 20, 2011

State Authorities launched a seek-and-destroy mission this month, and on Wednesday, they found what they were looking for.

In a raid at Mount Madonna County Park in Santa Clara, state and county agents located and destroyed 20,000 immature marijuana plants worth an estimated $25-30 million. A helicopter pilot spotted the crop and authorities quickly destroyed the plants.

According to KTVU, no one was arrested, but authorities said there was evidence of people guarding and tending to the crop, including tools and supplies. The plants were on four sites including two plots within park property and two on private property. The raid was part of a state marijuana eradication campaign.

Watch the ABC News video below for footage from the raid:

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