Rachel Maddow Loves Being Trashed By Rick Santorum And Other Republicans (VIDEO)

07/22/2011 08:30 am ET | Updated Sep 21, 2011

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One thing is clear from all the clips Rachel Maddow played on her Thursday show: Republicans love to hate her--and raise money off of her.

Maddow was reflecting on her surprise second career--as a consistent comedy villain and fundraising pitch in GOP circles. She played clips of former Rep. Dick Armey calling her "Maddox" and saying that she has a "PhD in something that doesn't matter" (that would be a DPhil from Oxford). She played a clip of George H.W. Bush doing his best Dana Carvey and calling her a "sick puppy." And she played an eye-popping clip of disgraced former Ohio Rep. Bob Ney's 2006 robocall calling her a "cross-dressing lesbian."

Why was Maddow taking this trip down memory lane? Well, it seems that former Sen. Rick Santorum is trying a new method to raise cash: send out a fundraising pitch talking about his notorious "Google problem" and the awful people hyping it. (If you are, by any chance, unaware of what Santorum's "Google problem" is, just Google "Santorum.")

The letter specifically mentions Dan Savage, the sex columnist who created the new definition for Santorum's name that has plagued him ever since, as well as Bill Maher and Maddow.

"To this day, liberals like Rachel Maddow serve as Savage's lackeys on national television, pushing his smut," the letter reads.

Maddow professed her delight at being called out yet again, but pointed out that such a pitch is probably the worst way to get over the Google hump, since everyone receiving it is likely to Google "Santorum" within three seconds of reading it. She questioned the "uncertain fundraising power of using the names of a man with a sex advice column in Seattle, and a comedian with a once weekly show on cable, and the 9 o'clock lady on MSNBC."

Watch the video above.

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