07/22/2011 10:38 am ET | Updated Sep 21, 2011

Travis Masse, Former Broomfield High Wrestling Coach, Convicted Of Sex With 17-Year-Old Student

Travis Masse, 30, a former Broomfield High School wrestling coach and teacher, may spend the rest of his life in prison for for having sex with a 17-year-old female student. Masse, convicted of sex assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, was sentenced to 10-years-to-life, according to KWGN.

CBSDenver reports that the victim claims the relationship began when she was only 15 years old. During the trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Masse sent the victim more than 8,900 text messages during a three month span, many of which contained sexually explicit content or referred to sexual encounters.

The victim made a statement, which was read to the court, describing her feelings of being tricked into believing Masse loved her and being devastated that he had been “sexting” other girls, as well, Fox 31 reports.

Already, one other Broomfield High female student has come forward, The Denver Post reports. Masse plead guilty to unlawful sexual contact coercing a child with regard to this second high school girl with whom he texted and asked to send nude photos of herself. Masse was sentenced to an additional two years in prison for this second crime.

9News reports that Masse was named Coach of the Year in 2009 and Broomfield High won the state 4A title that same year that police began to investigate Masse. The Denver Post reports that both Broomfield High victims were seeking guidance from Masse, needing a male role model in their life or wanting to further their understanding of wrestling.

Broomfield, Colo. District Judge Thomas Ensor reprimanded Masse in court, according to the Daily Camera:

You found the weakest in the herd, separated her out, groomed her, made her comfortable and then, with one of these children, you were able to complete what you wanted to do. This was well thought out for a long period of time. It’s like a Greek tragedy - you had everything going for you.