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An Alternate Ending To Harry Potter?

A British journalist Greg Palast posted on his blog this week that due to his "close friendship" with J.K. Rowling over four years ago, he was privy to her alternate endings to the "Harry Potter"series. He claims that Rowling wrote an ending where Harry becomes headmaster of Hogwarts and watches his grandson (claimed to be named Tom) get pulled towards the dark arts. Say it ain't so, Harry!

New Spider-Man Trailer

"The Amazing Spider-Man" trailer was released earlier this week, promising visions of the signature spidey suit returning to us at last. Although we have to say -- there seem to be quite a few similarities in this trailer when compared to the Tobey-Maguire version. We're looking forward to comparing these films side-by-side.

Proposition 8 Hits Broadway For One Night

The same screenwriter who brought us the Oscar-winning "Milk" is presenting his play "8" on September 19 for one night only on Broadway. The play, written by Dustin Lance and directed by Joe Mantello, follows the actual trial transcript of the proposition to ban gay marriage approved by California voters in 2008. We only wish this commentary on the current political climate was on Broadway longer than one night.

Comic-Con Is Anything But Comical

Comic-Con commenced Thursday in San Diego and promises a lot more than the latest in geek culture and celebrity sightings. The panels range from a look at entrepreneurial tricks, gay rights, oversexualization of the female and of course, the end of the ever-so-crucial debate, complete with experts from both sides, of Vampires vs. Zombies.

Watch The Charts

Jay Z and Kanye West released their track "Otis," sampling Otis Redding, from their upcoming album Watch the Throne that drops August 2. If this song is a sign of whats to come from the rap royalty duo, as Otis says, it makes the wait until their album drops "easier to bear."

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