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Bob Dylan's Grandson, Pablo, Is A 15-Year-Old Rapper

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At only 15 years old, young Pablo Dylan is trying his hand at the music business. In an interview with, the grandson of Bob Dylan talked having a grandfather who he considers "the Jay-Z of his time," and his new mixtape, 10 Minutes.

In this track, "Top of the World," Pablo references Bob, well aware of the double-edged sword being the grandson of a legend is. However, he seems confident in his abilities to "get that crown":

"I'm the grandson of a man nothing less than legendary/that's a lot of pressure so I'm Berry Gordy/I am very Motown bitch/I'mma get that crown/While I'm at it I might reinvent sound."

Speaking of Bob Dylan's kin, here's a throwback to 1997, when Dylan's son, Jakob, broke out with his hit, "One Headlight," and stole the hearts of middle-school girls everywhere:

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