Pregnant Carla Bruni's Preferred Method Of Transportation: Golf Cart, Of Course (PHOTOS)

07/24/2011 01:02 pm ET | Updated Sep 23, 2011

Oh, to live your life, Carla Bruni.

The French first lady, who just admitted that she is with bébé after months of speculation, has spent the better part of her pregnancy at the presidential retreat in Fort de Bregancon.

Bruni recently told Nice Matin, "For me, the days are full of resting, really," adding, "First lady of France isn't a burden. It's a job, with duties, but it's nothing overwhelming."

Certainly not when you're being driven around in a golf cart, wearing a bathrobe, sunglasses and a chic summer hat, as she was on Sunday.

However, her preferred method of transportation isn't a one-time thing. Take a look at pictures of Driving Miss Bruni.