Amy Winehouse's Death Raises Concern For Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen

07/25/2011 03:18 pm ET | Updated Sep 24, 2011

The tragic passing of Amy Winehouse has sent many Hollywood insiders spinning, but no-one more than Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, who knows all too well how difficult it is to overcome addiction.

"Amy is just the last victim of the effects of this horrible disease," Lohan tells me, worrying about who will be next. "What can a person say that hasn't been said other than that God continuously gives us all wake-up calls? People addicted and even not. The problem is most people, even myself at times gone by, don't hear the ring. In all honesty, after my experience with "Celebrity Rehab," if people had access to Dr. Drew and his team, I am confident that horrible situations like Amy's and numerous others wouldn't happen."

Lohan, who has said for months that his daughter needs rehab not jail, isn't the only person who is worried about who will be next.

"The passing of Amy Winehouse was dramatic, and left a lot of people wondering what celebrity is next," Pax Prentiss, Founder and Director of Passages Malibu, one of the nation's top rehab centers, tells me. "It can be hard to tell these days who's abusing drugs, except for the few that make it blatantly obvious, like Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and even Whitney Houston a while back. Out of those three, my biggest concern at the moment is for Charlie Sheen, who I believe is close to killing himself. He looks to be 20 years older than he is and it's apparent that the spark in his eye is dwindling. It's not possible for anyone to do as much drugs, and smoke as many cigarettes as Charlie has, and not be close to death. If he does not clean his act up soon, my belief is that he could be our next horror story."

Prentiss tells me that from personal experience he knows what it's like to be strung out on heroin like Winehouse, describing it as "a sad, and painful existence." Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself again.