07/25/2011 01:26 pm ET | Updated Sep 24, 2011

Red Vic Closes After 31 Years (PHOTOS)

For three decades, film fans have found cozy couches, organic treats, and cult film classics at the Red Vic Movie House. But Monday, on the house's 31st birthday, the Red Vic will close its doors forever.


Despite a valiant fundraising effort, the four co-op owners decided to shutter for good, citing dwindling ticket sales. "We sure don't want to close but we're financially strapped," co-owner Claudia Lehan told KQED. "It's quite a loss for us personally and for San Francisco.'

At last year's 30th birthday celebration, Lehan told the San Francisco Bay Guardian about the house's growing financial problems. "So often we hear people say, 'Oh, we love the Red Vic! But we haven't been there in years,'" she said. "That's our biggest joke. We're still here, we're hanging in, but we need people to come to the movies." One year later, it was too late.

Over its 31-year run, the Red Vic has featured independent films and cult classics from "The Room" to "Hair" to "Babe" to "Blue Valentine." "It's a great San Francisco institution," said Lehan. "I'm happy and grateful to have been a part of it for so long."

Farewell, Red Vic. We'll miss you.

Take a look at the theatre through the years below:

Photos copyright: J. Rix