07/25/2011 02:16 pm ET | Updated Sep 24, 2011

Wilhelm Sasnal At Sadie Coles In London

Wilhelm Sasnal's new exhibition at Sadie Coles in London is an extensive collection of new paintings which "draw upon a broad range of sources and traverse a multiplicity of subjects, from everyday objects and scenes to reinterpretations of works by Seurat."

Sasnal also explores one of art's most enduring themes, a mother and child in multiple paintings, in both realistic and allegorical settings. Sasnal's

"pared-down imagery and idiosyncratic handing of paint (dripped, impasto or even applied with his fingers) establish a vital interplay between subject-matter and form, figurative image and painted surface. Notions of framing are also central to his work: figures and objects are often interrupted and elided, emphasizing the inevitable selectivity of the camera lens."

In addition to the mother and child, Sasnal also explores the mundane objects of life, sometimes veering towards abstraction other times working in monochrome.

See the show until 27 August at Sadie Coles, 4 New Burlington Place, London W1S 2HS.

Wilhelm Sasnal Spotlight