Gigi's Cupcakes In Denver Robbed By Man With Syringe Allegedly Full Of AIDS-Infected Blood

07/26/2011 04:56 pm ET | Updated Sep 25, 2011

Gigi's, A Denver cupcake shop, was held up Monday morning by a syringe-wielding robber. The robber claimed his syringe was full of AIDS-infected blood and would infect the cashier if she didn't comply, reports the AP.

Despite having a potentially-lethal syringe next to her body, the cashier was calm-headed enough to say she didn't know how to open the register -- an excuse to go alert other employees in the back.

Owner Carrie Bach told Westword the syringe was "actually more frightening" than a gun. Bach also noted the deeper issue is homelessness and drug addiction -- her experience was a symptom of both.

"We have never had a robbery case where someone was threatened with bodily fluids," Denver Police Spokesman Sonny Jackson told 7News. "To use bodily fluids in this manner, I have not seen that."

We wish we could say this was the first time a hyperbolic AIDS threat has been a means of coercion, but it isn't: In June, an elderly woman robbed a Colorado bank after passing a note threatening to infect the teller with AIDS.

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