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The Intern Diaries: A Teenager Commuting To A Model Casting Agency

Intern Diaries: Notes from the Fashion Underground is a column that goes straight to the source of the fashion industry: the free labor. In this column, anonymous interns tell all about their terrible bosses and entitled coworkers as they endure ridiculous tasks which include, but are not limited to, fetching dry-cleaning, going on coffee runs and acting as a substitute nanny. This week's intern is a teenager working at a model casting agency in New York City.

6:00 a.m. My iPhone alarm goes off. That terrible chiming isn't helping me mentally prepare for the day at all.
6:15 I force myself out of bed and put on the most hipster outfit I can think of. This consists of a long skirt, simple button up and a pair of platform sandals. Street-style bloggers- get ready for me.
7:20 I walk to the train station (yes, I don't live in the city) and am lured into Starbucks, once again. To Trenta or not to Trenta?
9:00 I arrive at work early, as usual. No one here, but me and the cleaning staff.
9:05 Kill time by washing dishes for boss.
9:47 Everyone starts to trickle in, iPhones in hand.
10:30 My first round of errands include searching for some very specific foods that no one seems to sell and some common products: tissues, soap and sponges. Duane Reade here I come.
11:30 Receive a text that I am taking too long and need to get back to the office ASAP. I run, ignoring the 20 blisters on my feet.
11:45 Angry boss yells at me for not being able to find a nonexistent food item. Thanks for sending me on that wild goose chase.
11:46 I apologize and am handed a bank deposit that needs to be completed. (Is that even legal?)
12:00 p.m. Attempt to send a package to Europe.
12:20 Fail.
12:25 Retry sending through another company.
12:45 Success!
2:00 Return to the office panicked about how long it took and find boss taking a nap. I guess I am not in trouble after all...
4:00 Start scanning and uploading Polaroid photos of models to the computer while listening to boss gossip about certain models. If only I could repeat what I heard...
4:02 Page Six would love this!
5:30 Leave for the day, but not before receiving countless emails reminding me of things I need to do tomorrow. Awesome. Thanks for that.

8:00 a.m. Notice the later start time? I did and it was fantastic.
8:10 Actually able to slap on some make-up. Today I am attempting to achieve that effortless look. Effortless takes more work than gaudy.
8:50 This later train is way less crowded, maybe I will even get a window seat!
11:00 Arrive at the office with a list of things that need to be done for the day. Item one: grocery store run. So much for learning anything about casting at this internship...
11:40 Everything found. I am a star intern.
12:00 p.m. Never mind, there is actually some casting work to be done today!
1:00 Calling agencies regarding an upcoming magazine shoot. Learn that there were such things as white-models only magazines. So much for diversity.
1:30 Waiting around for agencies to get back to me about the white-girl shoot. Agents have their own schedule.
1:34 Trying to look busy....
1:35 Boss yells at me for just sitting there and not following up with the agencies. Um, sorry, I thought that I was just the intern with no power whatsoever.
3:00 Finally hear back from all the agencies about the written down availability of each girl. I love the politics behind booking a model for a lesser magazine.
4:00 Waiting around aimlessly as boss types away on computer.
4:15 Still sitting awkwardly waiting for my next task. Hello? Do you see me? Please make eye contact.
5:00 Leave work a little earlier than usual. It doesn't really matter though because I am at the same level of tired-ness as usual.
5:47 Wow, on the early commuter train! Just as packed though. No window seat for me.

6:00 a.m. Back to the early wake up call. I try a little less with my outfit this morning due to the fact that my brain cannot function at this hour.
6:05 Can I get away with wearing jeans?
7:30 Hop on the train with Starbucks in hand. Hi Conductor.
9:00 Arrive at the office. Will there be anything to do today?
9:04 Start washing dishes...
9:30 Wait around for boss to arrive.
11:00 Boss finally shows up and hands me a list of returns she needs me to run (because doing her errands totally relates to casting). I am glad this is such an "educational" experience.
12:00 p.m. Need to go back to one of the places I picked up an item from earlier. Apparently I went too early. I love being yelled at.
1:00 Boss takes lunch and I head down the street for a salad. The perfect fashion lunch.
2:30 I rush back to the office, afraid that I might be late, but of course boss isn't there.
3:00 Boss returns and I go out to run more of her personal errands.
3:30 I think the people at the grocery store know my name by now.
4:00 I return with precious groceries for boss. She didn't say "thank you" let alone acknowledged my presence.
4:22 Go to return a dress that I picked up earlier today. At least I know where the side entrance of the building is this time.
5:15 Ouch. My feet are killing me. Why do I bother wearing cute shoes?
5:20 Leave work and change into flip flops (I'm such a commuter) and painfully make my way home.
6:30 I stare at the television screen for so long that I don't even know what's on. I think it was that episode of "The Hills" where Lauren and Whitney are doing a casting.
6:35 Wow, their boss actually says thank you to them. That would never happen in real life.

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