07/26/2011 04:33 pm ET | Updated Sep 25, 2011

Jason Bateman In 'We're The Millers': Star Cast In Stoner Comedy

Jason Bateman is on a roll.

The former "Arrested Development" star scored a big hit with his ensemble murder-comedy, "Horrible Bosses," and next weekend opens what should be another big one in the Ryan Reynolds co-starring "The Change-Up." Having covered Entertainment Weekly this summer, studios are clearly hot on the funnyman, and so it's no surprise that he's just landed a major leading man role.

Pajiba reports that Bateman has grabbed the lead in the long-gestating stoner comedy, "We're The Millers." He'll play a small town drug dealer who wants to leave the business, but has to go to Mexico to transport a major haul of marijuana back to the states.

The site says that the script calls for a lead with a dry sense of humor, which obviously fits Bateman very well. That being said, he raunches it up in "The Change-Up," and spoke with The Huffington Post about seeking out roles that allow him to expand a bit more, as well.

"I understand why I get invited to play a character similar to Michael Bluth; when [casting directors] read scripts with a guy like that, they think of me," he said. "I do the same thing with scripts I read. It's up to me, it's my obligation to play different kinds of characters so I inspire different thought in the public. It's kind of chicken or the egg; fortunately I've got a film in the can that shows something different."

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