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Scott Evans Files Suit After Dog Asha Electrocuted In Parking Lot Puddle

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Scott Evans, a Denver dog owner, has filed suit against Xcel Energy and several contractors after his dog Asha was electrocuted walking through an unmarked construction site.

9News reports the incident happened last October near West 38th Ave and Vrain Street, though the suit wasn't filed until Tuesday morning. The suit, filed by Animal Law Center, alleges a contractor drove rebar too far into the ground and breached a live electrical line.

Evans' dog, Asha, stepped in a puddle containing the exposed stake--which carried 277 volts--began howling, and died. 7News spoke with Jennifer Reba Edwards, Evans' attorney, who said, "They did not properly mark the area. They should've taken the proper steps to ensure the safety of the public."

Fox31 reports the suit is seeking medical bills for emotional damages to the owner, and legal fees.

WATCH (via Fox31):

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