07/28/2011 03:44 pm ET | Updated Sep 26, 2011

9/11 Memorial Garden Comes To Beverly Hills For 10th Anniversary

The City of Beverly Hills will soon be home to a new 9/11 Memorial Garden, thanks to a recently acquired steel artifact from the World Trade Center Site and the charitable efforts of the BH Memorial Committee.

The 196"L x 66"W x 51"H sculptural steel monument weighs just under one ton and resembles "a drinking straw bent in half," Reggie Sully told CBS. The wreckage will be placed on a pedestal within the garden. Walking paths, benches, a flagpole, replicas of the Twin Towers, the Shanksville field and Pentagon will also be displayed to honor those who were killed, according to the Committee's website.

The City of Beverly Hills is not funding the construction of the garden. Peter McCoy, Donald J. Scheffler, architect Gidas Peteris, structural engineer Peter T. Erdelyi, Schick Geotechnical Inc, Crown Disposal Services, Rock N Roll Off, Oak Crest Landscape Design, Weber Madgwick, Anvil Steel, SMG Stone, and Champion Crane are just some of the companies involved in the project that contributed their services with little to no cost. "Everyone is honored to be a part of this," Reggie Sully told the Huffington Post.

The 9/11 Memorial Committee continues to accept donations online and in person. Supporters of the Memorial are listed online. The Memorial Garden will open at the corner of Rexford and Santa Monica Blvd on September 11, 2011 -- the ten year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. For more images of the Memorial please reference Beverly Hills Patch.