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John Cusack, Nicolas Cage In 'The Frozen Ground': Alaskan Serial Killer Movie

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John Cusack will soon star in "The Raven" as Edgar Allen Poe, who wrote dark stories. Next, he may play a man who lived a dark secret reality.

Cusack is in talks, Deadline reports, to star in the real-life serial killer drama, "The Frozen Ground," in which he'd play Robert Hansen, a notorious serial killer who lured prostitutes and strippers, flew them into the Alaskan forest, raped and tortured them, and then set them loose before hunting down and killing them.

A social outcast who was jailed for three years earlier in life for burning down a garage, he moved to Alaska with his wife and became a champion hunter. After a semi-tranquil life (not including a year in prison), he was arrested in 1983 and eventually charged with the murder of 12 women. (More on his bio at TruTV).

In talks to play the cop that hunted him down is Nicolas Cage, putting him in a hero role quite different than his upcoming movie, "Ghost Rider."

Check out an interview with Cusack about "The Raven" below.

For more, click over to Deadline.


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