07/27/2011 06:18 pm ET | Updated Sep 26, 2011

Comedian Karen Kilgariff's New Album Takes On 'Modern Family,' Jesus & Tina Fey (AUDIO)

We're saying it right now: Karen Kilgariff's "Behind You" is the best pop album of the year.

Ok, to be fair, it's a comedy release and it's actually not an album, it's an EP. But its short, catchy songs that cover everything from obnoxious guitar shop clerks to Jesus sneaking up on people will get you dancing around your apartment before you know it.

You probably remember Kilgariff from "Mr. Show," but she's also an accomplished solo performer and writer whose sardonic wit and lovely voice will leave both your heart and stomach aching in the best possible way.

Here's one of our favorite tracks, "I Want To Win," a song about needing everything and everyone else to wither and die in the light of your glory... including Tina Fey. Have a listen and then get the rest of the EP here, and follow Kilgariff on Twitter here.