07/28/2011 08:16 am ET | Updated Sep 27, 2011

Martin Bashir Almost Tells John Boehner To 'Go The F--k To Sleep' (VIDEO)

MSNBC's Martin Bashir made it clear on Wednesday what he would like to tell Speaker John Boehner: "go the f--k to sleep!"

Bashir used the smash hit children's book as an analogy for the debt ceiling debate currently roiling Washington.

"Children are hard work, sleep is disturbed, and even loving parents can sometimes crack under the pressure and swear at their kids," he said. "And isn't that exactly how all of feel about this ridiculously prolonged, tortuous, and confused attempt to raise the debt ceiling? One minute, Speaker Boehner says he has a bipartisan plan that will fly through the House. The next, his counting skills are exposed as entirely wrong by the Budget Office, and he can't even rely on members of his own caucus."

Bashir kept the analogy going, comparing the countdown to a potential default to parents waiting for their children to finally head off to dreamland. He charged Boehner and the House with holding up a deal, and said that Boehner's latest attempt to resolve the conflict was a "ludicrous lullaby" that was DOA in the Senate.

"I've been thinking, maybe it's time for Mr. Boehner to hand over responsibility to Harry Reid and the president and for himself to go off to sleep," Bashir concluded.

He then handed the airwaves over to Dylan Ratigan, who was clearly amused by the monologue.

"Just say it, Martin," he said. "Just come out and say it! I mean, listen, you're right there."


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