Olivia Wilde Blames Jonas Brothers For 'No Sex Hex' (VIDEO)

07/28/2011 11:37 am ET | Updated Sep 27, 2011

Olivia Wilde recently took to "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to reveal that she hasn't been getting a whole lot of action in her new Los Angeles pad. So who's she blaming for her lack of housewarming sexy time? The Jonas brothers.

According to Wilde, the singing brothers were the previous owners of her home and didn't take everything with them when they packed up and shipped out, including three dashing cardboard cutouts of themselves -- how thoughtful!

But Wilde is blaming the 'pure' boys for placing a "no sex hex" on her new pad.

"We blame the Jonas Brothers for the lack of action happening in our house," Wilde told Kimmel.

We have a feeling that when guys catch sight of Wilde in her forthcoming "Cowboys and Aliens" role, they'll be lining up around the corner to help her break the curse.