Josh Beckett Makes Kid Burst Into Tears Of Joy After Handing Him Ball (VIDEO)

07/29/2011 11:09 am ET | Updated Sep 28, 2011

One kid got a pretty amazing surprise on Thursday at the Red Sox game.

The young Sox fan, whose name is Dylan according to NESN, was at the game with his family and observing warm-ups when Red Sox ace Josh Beckett began walking towards him.

Not wanting to miss the chance to get an up close picture of his favorite player, the young fan began snapping photos. Then without warning, Beckett handed him a ball. The gift came as such a surprise that Dylan immediately lost all control and burst into tears of joy.

Rather than getting on the kid for being happy, many, such as Jeff Greenwell of Business Insider, recognize the moment as touching and appreciate the kind gesture made by the Red Sox hurler.

Unfortunately the good karma from the deed didn't rub off on Beckett, who ended up taking the loss against the Royals that afternoon.


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