Radiohead Remixes: The Band Releases 3 More Tracks In Their Series

07/29/2011 02:03 pm ET | Updated Sep 28, 2011

Another Friday, another three Radiohead remixes. The last we heard from this series included one mix of "Morning Mr. Magpie" and two of "Bloom." This time around, "Morning Mr. Magpie" gets yet another go by Pearson Sound Scavenger RMX, and "Feral" and "Separator" get their moments in the sun as well.

"Feral," by Lone RMX, is wonderful -- with just the faintest touch of house, the remix gives the sense that its whirling around the original song.

"Morning Mr. Magpie" has a excruciatingly slow buildup, and as it gains steams it goes off on tangents we wouldn't have expected. As a remix of the song, it's an almost unrecognizable, disjointed piece of work, but it's interesting to hear it progress.

Four Tet does a job on "Separator," slowing it down considerably, in a way that runs counterintuitive to what we've come to expect from these remixes. It loses a bit of steam in the middle, but stay tuned for the end, where it lays on some heavier beats.

LISTEN to the latest Radiohead remixes:

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