Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton & Brady Quinn All At Practice During First Week Of Broncos Training Camp

07/29/2011 11:01 am ET | Updated Sep 28, 2011

The quarterback drama continues at the Denver Broncos’ training camps this week. Kyle Orton may be on the trading block, but he and Tim Tebow are both taking the field during practice. Broncos’ new front office is even insisting that Orton is indeed the starter with both Tebow's and Brady Quinn’s status still up in the air, according to 7News.

The Denver Post reports that Orton outplayed Tebow during their first practice together. Even more surprising, not only was Orton his “usual polished self” with “precise passes,” Tebow, who was just “a tick slower in finding the open receiver,” was outplayed by Quinn, as well.

Orton remains under contract to the Denver Broncos even with multiple reports more than suggesting he is on his way to the Miami Dolphins, NBC’s ProFootballTalk reports.

According to CBSDenver, Orton is in the prime of his career entering into his sixth pro NFL season, but the Broncos seem to want their cake and to eat it to with newcomer and rising star Tebow who is a second-year pro and only started three games at the end of last season.

Whatever winds up happening by the first game of the season is anyone’s guess, but one thing is certain -- all three quarterbacks are competing hard for that top starter slot, the Broncos front office do not appear to be making any easy hand outs.