07/29/2011 11:23 am ET | Updated Sep 28, 2011

Travis Pastrana Crashes Out Of X Games 17: Action Sports Star Breaks Foot, Ankle (VIDEO)

Action sports star Travis Pastrana crashed out of X Games 17 on Thursday at the Staples Center after attempting back-to-back "TP Rolls" in the Moto X Best Trick event.

According to ESPN's Devon O'Neil, X-rays showed that Pastrana suffered a broken foot and ankle.

"I am sorry this happened and will be back in action as soon as I can. I look forward to Pastranathon 2012 at X Games 18," he said after leaving the hospital.

Josh Sheehan, who won bronze medal in the event, told the Los Angeles Times that he is "really bummed for him" because he knows "how much time and effort he's put into that trick."

Pastrana has suffered plenty of serious injuries before, including a "dislocated spine, torn ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL, broken tibia and fibula."

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