07/29/2011 09:04 am ET | Updated Sep 28, 2011

The Week In Culture

"The Office" Moves to Afghanistan
In the mockumentary style we have come to love, Afghanistan creates their own Office-esque tv show called "The Ministry." Set to air on Tolo TV, the show places overwhelming political corruption in the Afghanistan government alongside the daily bickering of who owns what stapler. Although the production department may be lacking a bit and the acting is rough around the edges, it's nice to see that Ricky Gervais' hit UK show is impacting television around the globe.

Surprise! It's Kanye!... and Jay-Z!
Both Jay-Z and Kanye West surprised fans at the same Young Jeezy concert in NYC this week. Where was the Otis single we've been playing on repeat? All we know is that this tease is doing just what they want it to -- making us focus even more on the countdown until their album drops.

They say Riot.. We say Rave...
At the Hollywood premiere of a new documentary, "Electric Daisy Carnival Experience," about one of the world's largest electronic music festivals held in Los Angeles, things got a little bit out of hand. After D.J. Kaskade tweeted that he would be performing a free concert outside the venue, the streets rapidly filled with people. He quickly cancelled his set, but the crowds didn't disperse. As the screening took place, police in riot gear were forced to quell the dancing crowd. Take a movie that documents a festival that last year alone was responsible for over 200 injuries and one drug-related death, add in one of the biggest headliners on the electronic dance scene giving a free street performance and voila! You have basically invited a rave outside your door.

Wanna be a Part of the Wu-Tang Clan?
Looking for an internship? Wu-Tang Management apparently posted a classified ad on Craigslist offering an internship position. Ghostface Killah alone tweeted for 'terns back in March. At first we though they would have some strict requirements, but looks like all you need is a regular old resume. It's a tempting offer.