Ion Barladeanu Lived Years Of His Life In Trash (VIDEO)

07/30/2011 01:24 am ET | Updated Sep 28, 2011

In the video below, BBC's Tom Wilson speaks to contemporary Romanian artist Ion Barladeanu. Though important today, Barladeanu lived in the trash room of an apartment complex in Bucharest.

Until a couple of years ago, no one had ever seen Barladeanu's art; he created his politically charged collages under the oppressive regime of dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. Barladeanu sees his collages as films, and once told Angelina Jolie that he was the best director in the world.

His recent discovery by the art world led to an Emmy Award-winning documentary about his life, The World According to Ion B. Watch the artist talk about his projects and passions below.

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