Evanston Grocery Store Will Soon House Police Station

07/30/2011 11:22 am ET | Updated Sep 29, 2011
  • Jordan Graham Email the Author Evanston, IL Patch

The Evanston Police Department outpost currently being constructed within the Evanston Plaza Dominick's grocery store was the topic of a heated debate at the Dewey-Darrow and Florence-Crain Neighbors meeting held Thursday night at the Perla Café, 1813 Dempster St.

Proposed in response to a rash of juvenile liquor thefts and theft-related violence in and around the store, the outpost has come under heat from local neighborhood groups and business associations, which contend that other preventative methods have not been adequately examined, that taxpayers should not have to fund the staffing of a security center in a private business, and that the outpost would foster a perception that the neighborhood is unsafe, scaring potential home-buyers and businesses away.

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