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Animal Mating Rituals (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 07/30/11 03:48 PM ET   Updated: 07/30/11 04:23 PM ET

Forget dating, makeup, flowers, and Facebook pokes.

These animals beat all of our human methods of wining and dining. From painful barbs to home beautification, some animals go to the extreme when it comes to mating.

If you're traumatized after learning about these mating rituals, feel free to go back to gentler material, like this baby elephant taking down a kiddie pool, or Lego animals at the Bronx Zoo, or baby animals falling asleep. But for now, brace yourself:


Angler Fish: Just A Little Clingy
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The next time you think your mate is getting a little too attached, just be glad you're not an angler fish. According to an h2g2 post, when a male angler fish finds a mate, he clings on for dear life. Perhaps because the angler fish is so horrifyingly unattractive, he feels that any less drastic measure would surely lose her. Thus, he bites into her, attaching himself permanently, linking his blood supply to hers. While she provides nourishment to him, he offers her sperm whenever there are eggs to fertilize. Fair trade-off?
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