07/31/2011 04:52 pm ET | Updated Sep 30, 2011

Savannah Pedicab Driver Pranks Tourists With Accordion (VIDEO)

Forget it, Jake. It's Savannah-town.

Anyone who has read or seen "Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil" -- or secretly wishes they'd gone to the Savannah School Of Art & Design (move along, nothing to see here) -- knows that Savannah, GA is a wonderfully quirky town.

One of its popular tourist attractions is the Savannah Pedicab service, which is one of the best ways to experience the historic downtown sites. Of course, any pedicab driver will tell you that inherent to the profession is a lot of time spent hustling for the next rider.

"Danny-San", one such pedicab driver, came up with an interesting gimmick for attracting would-be patrons: donning a paddy hat, fake accent and accordion. He then proceeds to prank anyone who walks by with intermittent songs and delightfully unfortunate language misunderstandings. Case in point, the guy who wants to get video of his "rapper" friend performing with Danny-San: "He's a raper???" That one exchange in particular gets a lovely button when Danny breaks character revealing a slight southern twang.

This is one of many videos documenting the pedicab experience at Pedicab Way Of Life tumblr.