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Sexism According To Stock Photography (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 07/31/11 07:29 PM ET   Updated: 09/30/11 06:12 AM ET

Sexism still exists, we all know that. But in today's modern world, identifying it can be fairly elusive. Given that we can't seem to agree on what feminism is anymore, divining what is and is not sexist behavior is equally complicated.

But there is one place where things still make sense: the world of stock photography. In an effort to enlighten ourselves, we searched the term "sexist" on several stock photography sites, and we came up with some fairly resolute results. First of all, almost all sexism occurs in the office. Second, coffee and ties are often unwitting accomplices to sexism. Third, there's a guy out there somewhere who has a shirt with little pigs all over it and the word "Sexy" in big letters. Watch out for him: he's clearly very sexist and dangerous.

Take a look at the following sexist archetypes we discovered in our stock photo search and let us know which ones you've seen in the wild.

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  • Starey Gary

    Beware of dudes hanging out drinking coffee... sexist behavior thrives on caffeine.

  • Leering Lesters

    Note the coffee cups. Now do you believe us?

  • Larry Layabout

    Look at this douche, just laying around while that woman cleans the apartment he's clearly squatting in. She should throw those boots in the pool that's probably out back.

  • Charlie Choices

    Oh, just your garden variety sexist picking out which woman to sleep with and never call again tonight.

  • 'It's My Turn' Tommy

    Ladies be taking too much time at the printer, amiright?

  • Handsy Harold

    This guy feels he has the right to groom any woman within prodding distance.

  • Pig Shirt Patrick

    Ugh, guys with their sexy pig shirts. So gross. And sexist.

  • Touchy Tiffany

    Here are a few shots of women being sexist. As if that exists.

  • Forceful Fanny

    The horror on the guy in the background's face kind of says it all here.

  • Shoulder Rub Susan

    This is a trick photo: the guy is still the one being sexist for assuming that his boss doesn't have the strength to give him proper shiatsu. What a dick.

  • Um...

    We don't even know what's going on here, but these guys are probably in an improv group.

  • Tabletop Tina

    Something very sexist is going on here, but we aren't sure who is at fault.

  • Tapletop Tony

    The expression on this woman's face lets us know that all is fine here. Whatever is going on, it's consensual.


Filed by Carol Hartsell  |