Glenn Beck To Congress: Don't Vote For Debt Deal 'If You Have A Soul' (AUDIO)

08/01/2011 12:17 pm ET | Updated Oct 01, 2011

Glenn Beck warned members of Congress--and especially Tea Party representatives--not to vote for the debt ceiling deal announced on Sunday.

Speaking on his Monday radio show, Beck condemned the deal, which cuts spending deeply and creates a special Congressional committee to make even more cuts in a few months. To Beck, though, the deal was not enough.

"You know and I know this is a game," he said. "This is a total game that is being played by the Republicans because they think it will hurt the president and by the Democrats because they think it will hurt the Republicans." He scoffed at the notion that the Tea Party had scored a victory with the deal.

"They didn't get what they wanted!" he said, adding that members should not try compromise for a deal.

"There is no compromising with dishonest people," he said. "There is no deal-making with people who are not honest deal-makers...if you still have a soul, if you still believe that Mr. Smith can go to Washington, don't make the deal."

Instead, Beck said members should go to their constituents and tell them to "prepare, because the people in Washington are taking us to hell. They're taking us to financial hell."


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