08/01/2011 11:12 am ET | Updated Oct 01, 2011

Jessica Simpson Keeping Wedding Date Secret From Dad?

After sharing every detail of her first wedding, married life, and divorce with all of America, Jessica Simpson has decided that her second wedding, to Eric Johnson, is going to be very different. She has refused to divulge any details when it comes to the big day -- even with dear old dad.

So who's in the know when it comes to dresses and desserts? “Just me, Eric and the wedding planner," Simpson admitted at a press junket. She's taking joy in the secrecy of the covert affair.

“After 'Newlyweds,' her life became so public that everyone thought they deserved to know everything about her," a friend of the reality star's tells me. "She is a very different person now than she was five years ago and is now making her own decisions, including who to trust and who not to share everything with."

Although the top secret date has been selected, the dress has not. But heading up a fashion empire, estimated to be worth one billion dollars, she shouldn't find it too hard to score the perfect gown.

“Expect the dress to be as big a secret as the date,” a friend says. “Guests will be called a few weeks before the big day to give them a heads up and then called days before to give them the exact location.” The hush, hush celebration is not much different than the way her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, handled his recent wedding with former Miss USA, Vanessa Minnillo.

But, as he has in the past, will her manager-father work out a lucrative deal with a magazine or TV network on behalf of all those not invited to share in the private moment? “No decision has been made yet,” an insider says. “However, if it does it will be Jessica, not Joe, making that decision this time 'round.”