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Justin Bieber Cone-Ing Prank: Too Far? (VIDEO, POLL)

First Posted: 08/01/11 01:31 PM ET Updated: 10/01/11 06:12 AM ET

The more we see videos of "cone-ing", the creepier the nascent trend seems. To refresh your memory, cone-ing entails driving up to a drive-through restaurant, ordering a cone of soft-serve ice cream, then grabbing the wrong end of the cone when the drive-through attendant tries to hand it to you. It's messy. And unlike planking, to which is often compared, cone-ing involves an unwitting victim in the drive-through attendant.

That's why we were hesitant when we saw Justin Bieber tweet a video of himself cone-ing at a couple drive-throughs. As it turns out, the cone-ing went just fine, but there were some other not-so-nice moments in the video. Why, Bieber, do you abuse your powers so? Didn't you see Spiderman? Also: what's with the earring?

Watch the video, and decide for yourself whether you think Bieber's prank was funny, mean or both.

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What do you think of Bieber's cone-ing prank?


It's a little harmless fun, that's all.

Childish—he should know better.

Shame on Bieber!


Filed by Joe Satran  |  Report Corrections