Woman Draws Beard On Face, Robs Tuscaloosa Bank With Fake Bomb

08/02/2011 02:03 pm ET | Updated Oct 02, 2011

Some bank robbers scribble their demands on notes and pass them to tellers. Others scribble beards on their faces.

A woman sporting men's clothing and a drawn-on beard held up a bank in Tuscaloosa, Ala., armed with a box that she claimed contained a bomb, according to police.

After fleeing with the cash on July 29, the thief left behind the box, which a bomb squad later determined contained no explosives, reports.

FBI investigators suspect that the woman also robbed a bank in Brookwood, Ala. on July 19, according to the Tuscaloosa News.

The bearded female bandit is only the latest in a long list of bizarre bank robbers.

The story comes shortly after the so-called "Bouquet Bandit" plead guilty to robbing two banks last year while carrying flowers.

CNBC has compiled a list of notorious female bank robbers here.

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